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General information about the TWI courses and our TWI trainers

All TWI programs are standardized programs, both in terms of how the supervisors use the methods in daily life and how we as TWI trainers teach during the 10-hour courses with TWI. In short:

  • Each program has a corresponding 4-step method.
  • Each method and training is written in an everyday language.
  • The courses are scheduled as 5x2 hours, divided into 2 hours every day for one week. It is recommended that the participant receives additional coaching so that you really learn the method before you start using it with your workers.
  • The learners are taught in small groups of 6 to 10 people.
  • Each participant practices the method by performing a demonstration during the 10-hour course. An example from the TWI Job Instruction course could be that the participants bring a job from their everyday work and try to train a colleague in that job.

All our TWI trainers follow the recognized TWI manuals that have been tested thousands of times globally and adjusted for over 70 years. This is to ensure the best training for your supervisors. All our TWI trainers are certified to teach you the TWI programs according to the requirements established by the TWI Institute in the United States.

Knowledge Certification

TWI Knowledge Certification

Acquiring TWI knowledge in advance of your TWI 10 hour class, will build a greater understanding that will accelerate your skill development. We are all more motivated to learn if we understand.

TWI Job Relations

TWI Job Relations

TWI Job Relations: Your way to increased well-being among your workers as well as effective conflict management.

TWI Job Instruction

TWI Job Instruktion

The way to efficiency is to train your workers to do their job correctly, safely and conscientiously.

TWI Job Methods

TWI Job Methods

TWI Job Methods creates a foundation in your work with continuous improvements, which Toyota nowadays calls "Kaizen".

TWI Job Safety

The way to create and maintain a healthy and safe work environment. This strong TWI program has been developed in collaboration between TWI trainers from the United States and from the Japanese industry, where - so far - the best example of this is Toyota.

TWI Problem Solving

TWI Problem Solving (PS) is a way to teach your supervisors to solve problems - quickly and efficiently. This is done using the three TWI methods (JI, JR & JM) in a systematic manner.