Video about TWI at the LEGO Group

 "We have chosen to be very faithful to the manuals of the TWI method, which are very specific, in our five pilots, which have included about 120 workers from five different parts of the administration," says Peter Højvig, adding: "We can confirm that TWI has solved our challenges better than any other method we've had experience with. TWI is based on the same principle lauded by Toyota, namely, to build people before building cars, and it is a perfect foundation for our Lean work, which we simply call company management."

Peter Højvig, Senior Consultant at Odense Municipality.

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Article from Foss Analytical

FOSS Analytical has chosen TWI Job Relations (JR TWI) in their work with work relations.

FOSS Analytical manufactures advanced analytical equipment for the food industry. With several years of focus on LEAN and various management courses, the processes in FOSS Analytical are standardized and tested. However, the processes are one thing, the opinions and feelings of the workers are another. By acknowledging that the relations are as important as the processes, FOSS Analytical began working with TWI JR in 2015.

TWI JR provides workers and managers with a basic tool to keep in mind that opinions and feelings are to be worked with and understood in daily life. Formulating relations work through proactive and reactive conflict management makes many processes much easier and smoother. Opinions and feelings like anger and sorrow can greatly affect organizational processes.

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Video from PostNord

"We have managed to get a really good start to our implementation process of TWI JI - your recommendations have been followed 100%. We can see the results of being patient, thorough and highly communicative throughout the implementation period, giving us a good foundation and understanding of the TWI JI process.

In our 250-man package center, we have trained our personnel in several jobs. One of our results is that we utilize our mail container 10% better, resulting in an annual saving of 8 million DKK in our logistics."

Per Albrektsen - Lean Manager, PostNord, Copenhagen's package center

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Statements from customers

"Create the stage for success!
Yes, that was the mantra we learned when we had John Vellema teach us in TWI JI.

One of the best courses I've had in my life, some of my colleagues said it's been 10 years since we've improved that much.

It's so cool having taken part of such a week - now our own training awaits in the coming weeks.

At any given time, I recommend using John Vellema as a trainer and coach, therefore I give my best recommendations."

Hans Lasse Christensen, Production Manager, Koncernvask.

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