Our TWI and KATA prices follow our standard prices from the TWI Institute, USA (headquarters).

Consulting, Coaching and basic courses

For company-based services, our standard prices per day are 3 000 US dollars excluding VAT and travel expenses and per week 15 000 US dollars excluding VAT and travel expenses. The exchange rate for the local currency is determined during the contract signing.

"Train-the-Trainer" courses

The "train-the-trainer" courses are ordered through us, whereupon the TWI Institute USA takes over during the contract work. Since 2 of our trainers are Master Trainers for TWI and KATA, we will, in most cases, be trainers for you on the TTT courses for Scandinavia. The prices for the TTT courses range from 4 850 to 5 400 US dollars excluding VAT per person depending on the program.