TWI Institut USA, our DNA

TWI Institute, USA

"The Institute in the last couple of years has seen a fairly significant amount of growth, both in North America and other parts of the world, Europe and South East Asia. So, a good portion of our business was in other regions outside North America. We felt that the best thing to do was to establish partners in locations in those other areas of the world. Really give that area there and its clients the best possible service. And so we were looking to partner with the best and the brightest, and that is where the idea came in of partnering up with companies and people such as John Vellema and Business Through People (TWI Institute Scandinavia and Switzerland)."

Scott Curtis, Executive Director, TWI Institute, USA

A proven method

There are over 1000 trained and certified workers delivering TWI 10-hour courses in companies worldwide - with good results. This proves that the TWI Institute certification programs work and that it is a globally tested program.

All our TWI trainers have been approved and certified by the TWI Institute in the US to deliver their TWI and KATA programs.

Our DNA with the TWI Institute, USA
  • 1951 - Kenji Ogawa is one of the original and first TWI Master Trainers from Japan to be trained and certified by American trainers.
  • 1960 - Mr. Ogawa educates Kazuhiko Shibuya at Sanyo Electric Corporation.
  • 1980 - Mr. Shibuya trains Patrick Graupp in TWI at Sanyo.
  • 2002 - Patrick Graupp leaves Sanyo to collaborate with the TWI Institute (USA) to revive TWI in the United States.
  • 2010 - Patrick Graupp trains John Vellema in TWI at the LEGO Group.
  • 2012 - John Vellema leaves the LEGO Group to create Business Through People (BTP).
  • 2012 - Business Through People officially becomes TWI Institute Denmark.
  • 2014 - Business Through People grows and officially becomes TWI Institute Scandinavia and Switzerland.
  • 2014 - Joakim Bjurström joins Business Through People and becomes a certified TWI JI Trainer.
  • 2015 - John Vellema completes his TWI Institute train-the-trainer education in TWI Job Instruction, thereby becoming TWI Master Trainer (JI).
  • 2017 - John Vellema completes his TWI Institute train-the-trainer education in TWI Job Relations, thereby becoming TWI Master Trainer (JR).
  • 2017 - Joakim Bjurström becomes KATA Master Trainer for TWI Institute and Business Through People starts offering KATA programs.