About TWI

About TWI Institute Scandinavia

Your resource for TWI and KATA implementation, training, certification, coaching and networking. The TWI and KATA programs will ensure a sound organizational development and improved process management. We offer company advice from start to finish in the introduction of TWI and Toyota KATA.

Our focus is to support you in the creation and maintenance of a well-trained workforce through TWI and KATA. This will improve your security, quality, delivery reliability and lower your costs. Our experience states that by working closely with the improvement work, the necessary understanding of the change and thus a greater chance of a permanent change is achieved. We have headquarters in Kolding, Denmark and train customers throughout Scandinavia. We believe that organizational development, practical application and focus on process management are the key to solving many of your problems.

We are official Global Partner with the TWI Institute, located in Syracuse, USA. We provide their TWI and KATA programs as the only certified partner in Scandinavia. We also have the right to select local partners for delivery of the institution's programs.

We are experiencing a positive development and are therefore looking for serious partners with the courage to help our customers with their TWI and KATA work. We currently have a good network in Sweden and Denmark, but are looking for partners in the other Nordic countries as well. You can read more about our collaboration and how to become a certified partner here.